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Hand-painted Cacti Plates

Available in a range of sizes and colours. 

2019 Desk & Wall 

Photo Calendars 

A collection of 13 stunning sunset captures of Trinidad and Tobago available now in Desk, Mini-Wall and Large Wall formats

Limited prints available. 

Get your calendars TODAY! 


2-inch magnets of photographs of Trinidad and Tobago - a perfect souvenir or present.


For the techies among us, these 1/4" thick Trini mousepads with inspirational messages are a treasure. *Available by Order*

4" x 6" Postcards 

showcasing Trinidad and Tobago - beaches, rivers, hummingbirds, sea-turtles, trees.


80 page lined 9"x7" notebooks  (includes a black ink pen). The cover is a photograph of Trinidad and Tobago - a perfect souvenir or present for the Trini living abroad. *Available by Order*

4" x 4" Cork Coasters

showcasing beaches and waterfalls of Trinidad and Tobago.

Choose from: Maracas Beach, Las Cuevas Beach, Yarra Beach, Blanchisseuse, Marianne Beach, Marianne Waterfalls, Paria Waterfalls, Paria Bay, Grande Riviere, Matura Beach, Guayaguayare Bay, Erin Bay, Cedros Beach, Columbus Bay, Guapo Beach in Trinidad and Argyle Waterfalls, Pirates Bay, Bloody Bay, Englishman's Bay, Parlatuvier, Pigeon Point Beach, Coco Reef and Crown Point in Tobago.